Golden Hoof Ride
05 May 2015
Thumbnail Newtonmore on the Weekend of Fri 5th to Sun 7th June The Golden Hoof Ride (Scotland) will hopefully be an annual event with the first one in 2015. It will be for people and horses who enjoy long...

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Training Results for 2011 have been amazing for Newtonmore Riding Centre. With 100% passes at TRSS Ride Leader, BHS Riding and Road Safety and The Pony Club Riding Tests.

Amazing Training Results at NRC in 2011

Once again we have had a great year of training at Newtonmore Riding Centre with ALL CANDIDATES passing all exams they were forward for.

TRSS Ride Leaders

In early October we hosted the Trekking and Riding Society of Scotland's Ride Leader and Senior Ride Leader Exam. We provided training too and all six candidates passed with ease. TRSS Examiner George Tait from the TRSS commented on the high standard of preperation and dedication that all the students exhibited. The Ride Leader's exams are designed for anybody wishing to work in the British Equestrian Tourism Industry and a pass at these exams can also give direct entry into some of the BHS Stages Exams. These exams are provided by the British Horse Society as well as the TRSS. Two years ago we had 100% success with the BHS in their ET exams with 8 candidates but this year we could not get enough people for the BHS exam and were delighted when the TRSS were happy to run the exam for only 6 candidates.

NRC Candidates on the TRSS Exam from l to r: Hayley Nairn, Carrie McNiven, George Tait (Examiner), Robyn Dutton, Lorraine Duncan.

BHS Riding and Road Safety Exam

 The British Horse Society have altered slightly the way they do their exams now and it is possible to dp the R and RS exam now in 2 parts with the Theory and Practical being seperate. However it is compulsory to pass the Theory module first before being allowed to so the Practical as before. In October we ran a Riding and Road Safety Test with our resident BHS Riding and Road Safety Trainer Ruaridh Ormiston providing the training over a three week period both theoretical and practical. Of the nine candidates forward nine passed which is almost unheard of for this test now which really challenges all candidates young and old. What was probably the greatest achievement of that 100% pass rate was that some of the candidates were as young as 12 years old and a real credit to the Pony Club and Saddle Club at Newtonmore Riding Centre.

Pony Club Riding Efficiency Tests 

We also had all of our Pony Club members working on their Riding Tests and during the October Holidays we had Lorna Clark come and examine them all. Again we had a 100% pass rate at all levels between E and C, once again a great achievment. All our candidates though had been under the spotlight a couple of weeks before because the had to all ride as Guuinea Pigs for a Pony Club Standard Setting run by Lea Allen for Area 1 at NRC. These standard settings days are a chance for instructors at other pony Clubs through out the Highland to swap notes and to understand what the national standards are at each level.

Working holidays

You have the opportunity to come and stay with us, help out with the animals and the riding centre as well as ride and make some new friends!


Ladies club

Image of a ponyIf you would like to ride affordably and help out around the centre, Ladies club may be just for you.


Trail riding

Hill trekkingRough Highland country trail rides available.

Come and join us in these spectacular surroundings.


Pony club

pony clubAre your kids wanting to learn more about horses and ride on a regular basis, Pony Club may be for them.

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