Golden Hoof Ride
05 May 2015
Thumbnail Newtonmore on the Weekend of Fri 5th to Sun 7th June The Golden Hoof Ride (Scotland) will hopefully be an annual event with the first one in 2015. It will be for people and horses who enjoy long...

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General Links

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Newtonmore Links

Newtonmore - Ormiston Highlands

Breeders of Highland cattle and ponies. This is our website for activities not related to the Riding Centre.

Newtonmore - Community Website and Business Association

The Newtonmore community website. Local information on what is happening in and around Newtonmore and Accommodatin Guide.

Newtonmore - Wildcat Walking Centre

Newtonmore is hailed as the Walking Centre of Scotland and has an exceallant 10 km Wildcat Trail around the village. More info here.

Newtonmore - Highland Folk Museum

An excellant facility in Newtonmore on a mostly outdoor site looking at life through the ages in the Highlands of Scotland - Free Admission.

Newtonmore - Clan Macpherson Museum

Another museum looking at life in the Highlands and of course the Macpherson Clan and its many septs - Free Admission

Newtonmore - Waltzing Waters

Another great Newtonmore Attraction wth shows running every hour. Cafeteria and gift shop on site. A unique experience.

Equestrian Links

Trekking and Riding Society of Scotland

The governing body of recreational riding in Scotland

The Pony Club

NRC is a Pony Club Centre and more information on The Pony Club can be found here.

Association of British Riding Schools

Britsih governing body of Riding Centres

Bristish Horse Society

The main equestrian body in the UK dealing with training and welfare.

BHS Scotland - Highland Region South Area

This is our local Area Committee for the British Horse Society. Contacts, Events and Newsletter Page.

Badenoch Riding Club

This is our local riding club and it is open to both senior and junior members. The website has details of events and entry forms.

Highland Pony Links

Highland Pony Society (HPS)

The society that governs all Highland Pony affairs including breeding, registrations, transfers, shows etc.

Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club HPEC)

This is the main Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club and covers the whole UK, it has an excellant forum for members to chat.

Highland Pony Chat (HPC)

Highland Pony Chat is an online forum and chat place that is partially run by NRC staff, open to all, where all things Highland Ponies can be discussed. Please note registration is required. However we welcome all comers and you do not need to have a Highland Pony to be a member. There are lively discussions on lots of Topics and a Fun area too. It is not just Highland Pony talk !!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our local native pony enthusiasts club in the North that runs shows, visits and events. There is no website yet, but contact can be made via Rhona Donnelly - E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

North East Scotland Highland Pony Enthusiasts Society (NESHPES)

Enthusiasts group for the North East, mainly Aberdeen area, they have a great show at Duthie Park each year.

Central Scotland Highland Pony Club (CSHPC)

Enthusiasts group for Central Scotland mainly round the Perth and Stirling Area, they also run their own shows and events.


Working holidays

You have the opportunity to come and stay with us, help out with the animals and the riding centre as well as ride and make some new friends!


Ladies club

Image of a ponyIf you would like to ride affordably and help out around the centre, Ladies club may be just for you.


Trail riding

Hill trekkingRough Highland country trail rides available.

Come and join us in these spectacular surroundings.


Pony club

pony clubAre your kids wanting to learn more about horses and ride on a regular basis, Pony Club may be for them.

Find out more...