Golden Hoof Ride
05 May 2015
Thumbnail Newtonmore on the Weekend of Fri 5th to Sun 7th June The Golden Hoof Ride (Scotland) will hopefully be an annual event with the first one in 2015. It will be for people and horses who enjoy long...

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Pony Club

We encourage all junior members who are keen to become more involved with horse and riding to join The Pony Club. Newtonmore is a "Pony Club Branch" member of The Pony Club. Click on the link to find out more.

On the first Saturday of every month we run a Pony Club Rally which lasts for 4 hours. At these Rallies the children get the chance to work towards Pony Club Achievement Badges and Riding Tests.

The best way to describe Pony Clu is that it is a munted version of the Brownies or the Scouts.

Three times a year (Easter, Summer & October) we run non-residential Pony Club Camps when the children come to us for 3 full days in a row and this really gives themm a chance to improve on their riding.

Some Information on Pony Club Centres

Centre Membership runs alongside Branch Membership around the country.

There are currently over 500 Centres with more being enrolled across the United Kingdom. Potential Members join at their local linked Riding Centre.
The Proprietor administers the activities of each Centre.

New Pony Club Centre Membership is open to anyone under 21 years of age who does not own a pony. Members pay an annual subscription and receive instruction at a Pony Club linked Centre, this subscription constitutes Membership of the Club and includes third party insurance.

Centre Membership allows the opportunity for a Member to learn more about riding and horse and pony care. Members are encouraged to take an interest in their work and improve their knowledge by working toward gaining Achievement Badges (there are over 40, including mini badges, covering a range of subjects) and Pony Club Tests up to AH standard which would include passing the Road Rider Test.

There is a set of Progressive tests available to Centre Members in Horsemanship and Riding and Road Safety. These allow Members to take tests in modules throughout different levels. Centre Members may also compete against one another in League Series at their Centre throughout the year and have the opportunity to compete in National Pony Club Competitions such as Dressage to Music, Horse & Pony Care, The Winter Dressage and Show Jumping Leagues, the National Quiz and Centre Equitation.



Working holidays

You have the opportunity to come and stay with us, help out with the animals and the riding centre as well as ride and make some new friends!


Ladies club

Image of a ponyIf you would like to ride affordably and help out around the centre, Ladies club may be just for you.


Trail riding

Hill trekkingRough Highland country trail rides available.

Come and join us in these spectacular surroundings.


Pony club

pony clubAre your kids wanting to learn more about horses and ride on a regular basis, Pony Club may be for them.

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