Golden Hoof Ride
05 May 2015
Thumbnail Newtonmore on the Weekend of Fri 5th to Sun 7th June The Golden Hoof Ride (Scotland) will hopefully be an annual event with the first one in 2015. It will be for people and horses who enjoy long...

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Notice Board

Pony Club and Saddle Club

Saddle Club (Open to everybody - £12.00 per session and £15.00 for visitors)

Saddle Club runs every Saturday year round (special extra sessions can be run for holiday groups):

Saddle Club - weekly - 10am - midday

We suggest dividing children into riding groups, for instance newcomers/beginners will be attending saddle club in the afternoon session (1pm-3pm), while the children who have been with us for a few years will be having their session in the morning (10am-3pm). The older and more experienced children are welcome to stay all day and help with the afternoon session. If you are not sure what session your child should attend or if there are any other questions or problems please let us know and we will try to find a solution. (Please note: For 2010 we will not be running Sunday Saddle Club at all and instead will have the two sessions on Saturday as described above because this is easier for us to organise with staff and volunteers.)

Pony Club ( This is restricted to our paid up members of The Pony Club, please ask.)

1) "Un-mounted" rallies (not riding horses and ponies) will run on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 1.00pm untill 2.30pm, after saddle club has finished. We plan to work towards the "PC mini achievement" and "PC achievement" badges in this time, and also start to develop our NRC Pony Club quiz team, there will also be lots of other fun activities. The cost of these un-mounted PC sessions will be £6 per child and this price will include the cost of badges and certificates.

2) All "Mounted" Pony Club activities (riding horses and ponies) will run during school holidays as one-day rallies or two-three day non-residential camps, like the last 5 years. Iinformation on the various holiday programmes is available 2 weeks before holidays strat. At these mounted PC activities we will concentrate on the children getting through their PC Riding Tests and doing fun activities like mounted PC Games and preparing from Fun Days. (Pony Club Mounted Days are £30.00)

Ladies Riding Club

Will continue to meet in Thursday please call for more details, morning, afternoon or evening sessions. (£12.00 per session)

Lads Riding Club

We have non Lads Riding Club at the moment and are always looking for more recruits ! (£12.00 per session)

Dog Agility

The dog agility equipment is still available at the centre for people and dogs to use. Next session to be advised. (From £6.00 per session or for use of equipment, please ask, just come up and have a go !!)

Working holidays

You have the opportunity to come and stay with us, help out with the animals and the riding centre as well as ride and make some new friends!


Ladies club

Image of a ponyIf you would like to ride affordably and help out around the centre, Ladies club may be just for you.


Trail riding

Hill trekkingRough Highland country trail rides available.

Come and join us in these spectacular surroundings.


Pony club

pony clubAre your kids wanting to learn more about horses and ride on a regular basis, Pony Club may be for them.

Find out more...