Pony Trekking and Hacking

Pony trekking is probably our most popular acivity and a we offer rides from 1 hr duration upwards. Normally we would recommend 1 1/2 hrs for a beginner to include some instruction in the school followed by a ride out. Pony Trekking is basically a great way of seeing the countryside from horseback. Walking and occasionally a bit of trotting depending on the terrain is all that is required and we cater for all abilities of riders. Treks can be for 1hr, 1 1/2hr , 2hrs, Half Day and Full Day. In fact we can tailor them to what ever you want to do. We can advise you on the phone what would be most suitable.

Hacking is for the more advanced and concentrates more on riding than on the scenery and nature. These rides will normally include cantering and require experienced riders. Please DO NOT ask to go on a hack if you are not an experienced rider and if a Pony Trek would be more suitable.

As a general rule the terrain covered pony trekking is usually more challenging and is a great way to see what a horse or pony is capable of when it is off-road !